URGENT Message To All
Massage Therapists
and SPA Owners…..

This is the Easiest & Fastest Way to Keep Your Clients
Engaged and Coming Back for More

Get More Clients, Develop Better Relationships With Your Current Clients
and Become The Most Respected & Well-Known Massage Therapist or SPA In Your Area!


FROM: Rob Richards

TO: Any busy Massage Therapist or SPA owner that is concerned with their brand AND growing their business

RE: How to become the authority in your city or sphere of influence


Dear Busy Massage Therapist or SPA Owner,

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

You have a waiting room with nothing but used and outdated magazines in it. You KNOW that you need a great waiting room, but you’re not sure how to use it to get more business…..

You have an email list of your clients but you have not contacted them in months. You wanted to make sure that your business had a presence by sending out periodical emails to your clients. This seemed like a great idea at first, then things happened and you forgot about it.

You want a monthly newsletter, but have no clue what to write about, or you don’t particularly care for writing anyway. One of the reasons you became a Massage Therapist or SPA owner was to work with your hands in helping other people feel better and live more productive lives…. not to write. You probably have not had to write a paper since college…You didn’t like it that much then and you don’t like it that much now!


Guess what?

All of these things are completely NORMAL!

The fact of the matter is…. nobody in their right mind actually enjoys writing that much (besides me)…..It is time consuming. It is Boring. And the worst part is….it is NOT a good use of your time.

BUT, you know that it is necessary. You know that having a serious newsletter is one of the BEST ways to get new clients and one of the best ways to develop a trusting relationship with your existing clients.

As a matter of fact….

If you visit 10 Massage Spas you will see that 9 out of 10 of them will not have their own newsletter, if you don’t have one either then you are in the majority.

Let’s face it…. managing this stuff is a pain in the neck!

Luckily, I’ve recently put together something that solves all of your problems and allows you to enjoy your free time without the hassle of having to worry about creating your own newsletter.


The Best Massage Newsletter Club

Let me ask you….

What if there was a way to guarantee you that you could have your own newsletter without ever writing an article?

What if a new newsletter appeared in your email inbox every month ready to be printed out and set in your waiting room or emailed to your clients?

What if every newsletter was researched and written by someone that understands massage topics and the quality was 100% guaranteed?

Good news…. For the next 100 Massage Therapists or SPA Owners who realize the value and potential of having a high quality newsletter, you can get exactly what I just described!

But…..Don’t limit yourself as to how you can use this newsletter

Here are 3 different creative ways that you can put these articles to use in order to make more money……Get more business…..And become the most well respected and sought after professional in your town…..

 Add the articles from the newsletter to your blog. Establish a readership within your blog so that you can grow your relationship with your clients.

Add the articles from the newsletter to your Facebook Fan Page. Everybody is on Facebook. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be found by potential clients.

 Make a special report for potential clients. Take a few articles about a certain topic (back pain relief for example) and combine them into an informative report to give to people inquiring about such a service.

These are just a few of the dozens of ways you can use these newsletters to get more business and generate more revenue. But, right about now I have a feeling you are asking yourself…..

“Who The Heck Is Rob Richards And Why In
The World Should I Listen To Him?”

Well… Now that you ask…. I am internet marketing professional that has been working within the Massage industry for several years now. From conversations with my Massage Therapist and Spa Owner clients in the United States and Canada one thing became very clear….

They all hate to write!

Even after I explained how a newsletter can help foster their relationship with current clients, create a readership of potential clients, and bring in more visitors to their website from Google, it was clear that writing was still thought of as a major hassle.

This is the reason why I developed the Massage Newsletter service that you are reading about. It was created with input from several of my current internet marketing clients that just happen to be Massage Therapists or Spa Owners, who do not want to be bothered with writing a newsletter. I have had tremendous success working with my clients, so I decided to provide them with another way to market themselves to current and potential patients.

You will not be able to find a more targeted newsletter service anywhere at this price. If you don’t believe me, I personally invite you to look for yourself.

Here’s Exactly What You Will Get Every Single Month

Each month I will send you a newsletter that you can use to gain more exposure in your area, increase the trust that your current clients have in you and attract new clients that are looking for the best Massage Therapist or SPA in town.

The “basket of treats” will include…..

One Newsletter. The articles are professionally crafted by an expert author. Additionally, each article is thoroughly proofread to ensure accuracy and quality of information.

Full Private Label Rights To The Newsletter. You can do as you please with the articles. Once they hit your inbox they are yours. You can combine them, edit them or even add to them. The sky is the limit!

Delivered in Microsoft Word Format (.doc). Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor around. This makes your newsletter really easy to work with!

Email Delivery. Getting your newsletter couldn’t be easier. On the first day of each month I will email the newsletter directly to you. You never have to go to a website or remember a password to access the newsletter. The only thing you need to do is take them from your inbox and use them as you see fit!


As you can see, you are literally getting EVERYTHING that you need in order to position yourself as the best Massage Therapist or SPA in your area while, building a better relationship with your current and future clients!

6 Reasons You Should Join The Best Massage Newsletter Club

 Your patients will keep coming back to your website to read the new content. By always having fresh, relevant content, you will quickly become the “go to” Massage Therapist or SPA in your area and be perceived as an authority.

Grow your Facebook fan base. When your content is published to other peoples walls you will be getting in front of dozens of potential clients without having to do any work.

Set and forget. This system runs on auto pilot. You will receive a newsletter delivered to your inbox each month without fail. This will give you more time to focus on what you are good at – Being a Massage Therapist or SPA owner!

Use only what you want. You are under no obligation to use everything in the newsletter. Simply put, you can use what you need and edit what you don’t want out of the newsletter.

Modify, enhance or edit the newsletter any way you see fit. You can easily customize the content to your business!

You have full ownership rights to each newsletter. This means you can claim authorship to the articles. From there you can distribute them in a manner that will best benefit your business.

So How Much Does It Cost For More Clients
and More Credibility In My Area?

Let me ask you a question…If YOU were to write a newsletter each month, how long would that take you?

In general, a good article takes at least 60 minutes to write. That means it would take you roughly 4 hours a month to author 4 articles. Add to that the time required to format the newsletter. So… if you are getting paid just $50 an hour then anything under $200 should be worth it to you. Right?

However, I wouldn’t dare ask that much.

As a matter of fact, as part of a limited time, special offer that I have going on right now…..And exclusively limited to the first 100 massage therapists or SPA owners that decide to take advantage of this offer…..I’m willing to give you a newsletter each and every month for just…..





Even if you didn’t want to write the articles for the newsletter yourself but wanted to hire a freelancer you would still pay way more than this! Most freelancers charge a MINIMUM of $20-$35 for articles like these.


Furthermore, Your Investment Is Completely
Safe With My 100% Money Back Guarantee!

My goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your membership to The Best Massage Newsletter Club.

Because of this, I want you to try the service out for a full 30 days without risking one cent. If at any time within those 30 days you feel that the service is not right for you, just send me an email and I will give you a Full, 100% refund.

No questions asked, no strings attached. A quick email is all it will take.

Plus…. I will even let you keep the newsletters you purchased up to that point.

And don’t forget, you are free to cancel your membership at any time after the 30 days is up.


Your success is important to me… If you aren’t 100% happy just let me know within 30 days… And I will promptly refund all your money. No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple!

But You Have To Hurry…..There Are Only 100 Spots Available!

In order to keep this service unique and exclusive I have decided to limit the number of members to 100 at any given time.


Because I want YOU to be the only Massage Therapist or SPA in your town doing this. YOU will have an easy advantage over your competition. YOU will be building your business while they are using outdated marketing strategies that are no longer effective.

And that’s why this is considered an exclusive offer.

As a matter of fact…..

Once 100 Massage Therapists or SPAs join this program, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to shut the door.

Because of this, you need to ACT right away.

$27 per month is most likely about what you spend on coffee each month.…. You could be putting this money to use building your business. You will be providing a ton of value to your current clients while attracting NEW clients because of the increased exposure you will get.

So make a decision right now.

How To Get Your First Newsletter Right Now

Step #1: Join The Best Massage Newsletter Club.

Step #2: After completing payment, you will be forwarded to a page where you can download your first newsletter (Remember, you will get a new newsletter emailed to you on the first of every month from here on out.).

Step #3: Enjoy your newsletter!


Warning…..Having Outdated Reading Material
In Your Waiting Room Gives The Impression
That You Do Not Care About Your Business!

Have you ever been in a waiting room and noticed old, outdated magazines? Have you ever seen something in the waiting room that you know should have been thrown out months ago?

What did YOU think about that business?

My guess – You immediately perceived that business as less credible. The same thing can happen to you when clients visit your office.

They EXPECT it to be up to date.

They EXPECT it to have quality information.

They EXPECT it to look modern and appealing.

If your waiting room is not up to par with what your audience is expecting you will immediately lose credibility because your business looks as if it has been left behind. The worst part is that this perception will end up costing you business

At only $27 a month, The Best Massage Newsletter Club is by far the most cost effective and easiest way to get quality, consistent content to your clients.


Rob Richards

P.S.: Don’t forget your first newsletter will be accessible immediately and come with a 100% money back guarantee. There is zero risk for you. If for some reason you are not satisfied we will issue a 100% refund and you can keep the newsletter for FREE.

P.P.S.: Since we are only letting 100 professionals into the club, this service is not going to last long. Once we hit 100 members, that is it. No one else can get in. At $27 a month these spots are going to be gone in a heartbeat.